Style Pack Go: 2 Relaxing nights in Vegas

No you didn’t misread the title, I am indeed going to Vegas for two nights that will be luxurious in the amount of relaxing and restoring I plan to do. Yes, it’s totally possible.

Vegas is a rarity on this planet for a couple of reasons: it was completely created for recreation purposes and it was created so well that it remains true to it’s original purpose. Entertainment and recreation only in Vegas. Tourists are the Kings and Queens. And indulgence is the name of the game here. And, of course, that can mean indulging in anything you want – it doesn’t need to be nefarious, it can be as simple as indulging in pool time… with champagne popsicles.

Something interesting is starting to happen in Vegas: Lifestyle Vegas. Which is the relaxing Vegas no one really talks about. Canyon Ranch has an outpost in The Venetian. Lifestyle Vegas includes reserved daybeds by quiet pools (no day clubs here), spa treatments, yoga classes, uber healthy eating (fresh cold pressed juice anyone?), and amazing eating by celebrity chefs. But, like, ah-mazing celebrity chefs: Thomas Keller, Mario Batali, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Wolfgang Puck, etc. It’s perfect because you can have almost a full wellness experience during the day and not feel judged for having drinks and amazing diners at night.

Did I do yoga while I’m in Vegas? Well, no. I’m went to Dream Racing and sped around a track in a supercar. People watched while drinking margaritas at one of my favorite Vegas restaurants (Javier’s). Window shopped, and real shopped. Spent one entire blissful day on a daybed at a heavenly and quiet pool. And enjoyed cocktails and amazing dinners. It’s my version of an indulgently relaxing ‘me time’ weekend.

For this trip I’ve booked a suite in the Venezia Tower of the Venetian. According to the Venetian’s website: The suites of the Venezia Tower, et apart in a quiet corner of The Venetian, are almost twice the size of at the average Las Vegas hotel room and lavishly appointed. 

Um? That sounds great to me… bonus that it’s elevators are close to Bouchon which I plan to hang out in quite a bit. Double bonus that I probably won’t be sharing a wall with a bachlorette or bachelor party all of whom (let’s say 7 of them) are staying in the same room.

A Couple of tips:

Vegas is in the desert (duh, yeah I know) what you may forget is that it is dry. Like. D.R.Y. Which means, the hotel rooms are dry as well. Like, really dry. I often find myself drinking liters of water through the night and still waking up with cotton mouth and sometimes even a bloody nose from the dryness. I’m just being real. Read this post for my travel tips to combat dryness.

There is a Whole Foods in Vegas not too far from the airport. It’s on the strip, but south out of the tourist area. Guys? It’s the biggest Whole Foods I’ve been in in the US. Technically the WF in London is bigger. The reason I bring this up is that it’s my first stop when I land. I Lyft to WF and stock up on big bottles of water, some healthy snacks for the room and, of course, some wine and champagne. It does seem a little silly as I type this but I hate feeling like I’m being taken advantage of and when I’m rushed $15-$20 for a bottle of water that would normally cost $7 I feel super cheated. So this is my way around it. If I was really crunching numbers, would i save that much by taking a cab to WF and then to the hotel? I don’t know. It’s just my thing, ok?

Here’s what I packed: 1 swimsuit, 1 swimsuit coverup, 2 hats, denim cutoffs, 2 ‘evening’ outfits, 1 pair of heels, 1 pair of sandals, my sneakers, 1 long skirt + tank combo.



Here’s what it looked like:

What do you pack when you go to Vegas??




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  1. Good to see the outfits both laid out and on you too. I love the golden top especially. I have never been to Vegas so I wouldn’t know where to start! I forget it is in the desert too so good point about it being so dry – really have to stay hydrated.

  2. Love seeing your outfits! I’m headed to Vegas for EDC in a couple weeks and I can’t wait! Thanks for joining Fly Away Friday, hope to see you again this weekend! xo

  3. Those are perfect outfits for a trip to Vegas! I need to hit the strip someday, but I now know what style of clothes to pack 🙂 thanks for coming to fly away friday! Hope to see you this week 🙂

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