In the Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

A few years ago I had a trip planned. I was living in London at the time and was traveling on a 3-part trip. The first part was to Manhattan for some meetings, the second part was to Northampton, Massachusetts for my sister’s college graduation and the third part was to LA for more meetings. It was going to be a long two weeks and I had left my packing to the night before. In a state of anxiety I fully packed my biggest suitcase. I wanted options, lots of options, who doesn’t want options? Plus I wanted to look great and like I was part of the stylish crowd and let’s face it: dressing in New York is completely different to dressing in LA.

As predicted it was a very long couple of weeks made slightly miserable by the time change and the fact that I had to lug (lug!) my luggage everywhere I went. It was awful: I could never decide what to wear (too many options) and I could never find anything in my huge bag not to mention there were a lot of moving parts to my trip and I was constantly heaving my big bag up stairs. I felt like a complete amateur and a bag lady.

That’s when the idea for Style Pack Go came to me. A site to help style conscious women figure out what to pack. I have really honed my skills since that trip but I’m not an expert. So I decided to go to the experts: stylists, designers and fashion insiders from around the globe to help you (and me) figure out the pieces to pack for their home cities. Each city and country is different and when I travel I want to look like I fit in the city not a tourist. This site will give you the confidence to pack strategically for where you’re going.

End note: I love fashion, but this is not a fashion blog. When I travel I want to see the sights, the art, shop, and really take in the culture which means I’m constantly walking around. Which also means I don’t have time for some of the fabulous and flamboyant fashion get ups out there. So while this blog is all about looking great, it’s also about being practical – there I said that nasty bummer of a word. But listen, Parisienne women wear ballet flats or cool sneakers to walk around in during the day, that’s pretty practical… I’ll leave it at that.

In the Lost City of Petra (Living my Indiana Jones dreams)



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