The Easiest Way to Look Pulled Together When Traveling (or at home)

The year I graduated from high school, my older sister graduated from college to celebrate we decided to take a sister trip to Spain. It was an incredible two weeks, to say the least, and I won’t go into all the memories and adventures we had because that could take up an entire book. But there is one very small specific memory I do want to share. We were in Seville sitting outside at a cafe taking a break and having a coffee (or, more than likely, a Coke). And a woman walked past who was dead chic. She had on lilac purple pants and a matching top. Looking back, I’m still impressed.

I now think that her outfit has stayed with me because it was possibly one of the first times I had seen someone employ a very simple rule in fashion for looking pulled together and stylish: dress in all one color. It’s long been touted that all black is the epitome of style – and I wouldn’t argue with that, but I would add that just dressing in all one color is easy, stylish, and instantly makes you look pulled together. Dresses and jumpsuits are two obvious examples of this. But I tend to prefer separates. When dressing in matching separates, there are two ways to accomplish this:

1. Make sure your pieces match (your navy pants are the same navy as your sweater).

2. Dress tonally – which means you are dressing in varying shades of one color, a light grey sweater with darker grey trousers for instance.

With sets being all the rage at the moment, it is now easier than ever to dress tonally. The added bonus is that it makes packing very easy. If you plan to dress tonally (even in different tones) more than likely, everything in your suitcase will work together. This is especially true if you pick at least one neutral tone (black, camel, grey, cream). Of course, if you still need help packing, I’m here for you! I’m now offering a service where I will pack you for your trip, yes, really.

Below are some suggestions for you to explore, including, yes, a lilac outfit.

  1. Sezane Jacob Jumper
  2. Sezane Naelle Skirt
  3. Sezane Gaspard Cardigan
  4. Sezane Jackson Trousers
  5. Sezane Will Jacket in Suede
  6. Sezane Emile Cardigan
  7. Sezane Corduroy Wide Leg Pants
  8. Me + Em Corduroy Boyfriend Blazer
  9. Me + Em Sweater Vest
  10. Me + Em Corduroy Flared Pant
  11. Me + Em Cashmere Pouf Sleeve Tee
  12. Me + Em Twill Wide Leg Pant

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