Fall Purchases I’m Making

I love fall and more than that I love fall clothes. Give me a good sweater and jeans combo any day of the week! Below are some pieces I’ve already added to my closet as well as ones I intend to. In general, it does seem like clothing brands are making fewer numbers of pieces and so things sell out pretty quickly these days. In general, that’s a good thing for the environment, but it also means that I am on a list to be notified when pieces become available.

In general, I’m not a very trendy dresser. I like to look current and on-trend but also timeless. I find this so important when traveling. I also like to have a closet full of pieces that go well together, it makes it so much easier to get dressed and to pack!

  1. & Other Stories Voluminous Belted Wool Coat
  2. Sezane Michele Jacket
  3. Sezane Cole Jacket
  4. Velvet Albany Lux Faux Shearling Jacket
  5. Emerson Fry Dinner Jacket – Houndstooth Linen
  6. Aeyde Darya black ballet flat
  7. Me+Em Merino Boucle Zip Vest
  8. Varley Yates Half Zip Sweatshirt
  9. Ugg Mini Boot
  10. Varley Slim Cuff Pant
  11. Sezane Branch Coat
  12. Madewell Low Slung Straight Jeans (note, these aren’t actually a low rise)
  13. Emerson Fry May Dress in Little Cheetah Silk

What are you adding to your closet this season? Let me know what you think.

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