The 5 Pieces You Need for Fall Travel

I love traveling in the fall, there is just something in the air that creates excitement. It could be the impending holiday season, it could be the change of weather, or it could just be the magic of fall. Wherever you are going this fall, these are the five key items that you need in your suitcase.

1. A White Button-Down. I love a good white button-down. Once thought to be a business-only article of clothing, I find the button-down is an extremely versatile piece of clothing. Unbutton it to mid-chest with an open collar and it’s a sexy top for dinner, do a half-tuck and leave the top two buttons undone and it’s great for the day, layer it under a sweater or vest and you instantly look pulled together. It’s a piece that lasts the test of time and always feels current.

2. A Great Coat. More than likely you will be wearing some sort of coat or jacket in the fall when you are out and about. A great coat will instantly pull together any outfit. You can wear a beautiful coat over leggings, a work-out top, and sneakers and look très chic. A fabulous coat is a particularly necessary item when traveling in Europe where temperatures are chilly and the dress code is, in general, more formal than the US.

3. Loafers or Flats. For me, white sneakers will forever be simultaneously classic and on-trend but this year it is all about ballet flats and loafers. As such, there are a myriad of choices out there, I’ve shared a few of my favorites below.

4. A Great Sweater. This is a no-brainer. Fall requires sweaters, all the sweaters as far as I’m concerned! A beautiful sweater is such an imperative piece to travel with. The thing is, you need to find one that is versatile: a bit big, but not too big so it easily layers over other pieces, neutral but not too light so it goes with everything (the other option is navy or black – dark neutrals), and lastly, an easy to wear style. This comes down to the cut of the neck and fit – can it layer over other pieces? Is it too cropped? Is it too tight around the bottom? All things that need to be considered.

5. Your Favorite Pair of Jeans – for travel, I like to pack my most flattering and comfortable jeans which always means the jeans I wear the most. You really don’t need more than one pair, unless you want to pack a denim and a black wash. When it comes down to it, just pack your favorite pair because that is what you feel best in and it’s what you will want to put on!

Below are some suggested pieces just in case you don’t already have them in your closet.

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