Style Pack Go: Dry Climates

One thing I’ve struggled with my entire life is dry skin. But, like, really dry skin. Of course this intensifies when I travel; planes are not a hydrating place to hang out in fact, they actively dehydrate which in turn makes my skin drier. Great. If I’m traveling to a dry climate (hello South Africa or Southern California) then I really need a couple of things to manage my skin. Because I’m planning on spending 2 nights in Vegas starting today, I thought it would be timely to share my tricks for keeping my skin from completely shedding itself a la a snake…



Travel Humidifier. Hotel rooms are sooooo dry. Especially in the desert. So I have a little travel humidifier by Devene. Yes, it does look a bit like a futuristic sex toy. But it is in fact a humidifier. I like this one because you pop it in a glass of water, plug it in and away it goes. I don’t have to worry about the batteries dying (works with a USB plug which is very long) or having a water bottle to screw into it like a lot of other models – I figure this is a bit greener. No more waking up with a super dry throat or a dryness induced bloody nose (yeah, I get those).



Coconut oil. I use coconut oil as a natural makeup remover – eye make up just slides off, it’s seriously the best. But sometimes, I need to put a thin layer on my entire face (and cuticles, and feet, and, and, and). I don’t consider it a liquid because it hardens when it’s room temp and TSA agree with me, I never put it in my liquids bag. Usually I take just a small amount in an acrylic case that I got from Muji. If I’m taking a long trip, I take a couple.



Travel lotion. I prefer Nivea for dry-super dry skin. It’s my go to and they make it in travel size! I usually have this in my carry on especially for long flights when I like to hydrate my skin during the flight. I also always have either Nivea hand cream in the little pot or Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand cream.


Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 8.51.28 PM.pngWater. There are a couple of things that I always have on my person and a water bottle it one of them. Staying hydrated is so important for your skin, it makes a world of difference especially in drier climates. If I’m going on a long flight, I purchase two 1 liter bottles of water and will drink both of them by the time I land. When I’m staying in a hotel in a dry climate I make sure I have a couple of water bottles in the room.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 8.42.44 PM

Avene thermal spring water spray. A good friend of mine put me onto this. When I’m on long flights or in a dry hotel room I spray a little on my face and pat it into my skin. This not only makes my skin glow it also hydrates. Hint – this is a great thing to do right before meetings or dates as it really makes your skin look dewy and fresh.

Those are my hydrating tips, what do you do to combat dryness when you travel??

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  1. Moira, New style?   Its great for me who is on the go.  Concise, informative, and quick read. Isn’t coconut oil just great.  I am taking some in a small container for our oversees trip in May.  Good to know I don’t have to count as a liquid.  Thanks!! Happy weekend. Sue Prochazka


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