The Friday Collection


The past couple of weeks have been very busy. We traveled home to Iowa for two reasons. The first was to see my family and the second was so that I could run the Des Moines Half Marathon. If you are looking for a half marathon to run, I highly suggest Des Moines as it was completely flat and mainly through a park. It was a very successful run for me and I was so happy to have completed my goal of running a half marathon (my first attempt this year was thwarted by climate change as the Twin Cities Marathon was canceled due to heat). Other than taking a lot of downtime to be present with family, I have been preoccupied with the war in Israel. I’ve been brushing up on my knowledge of the history and current events in that part of the world. I have also had some work obligations that are exciting and that are demanding a lot of my headspace at the moment. I’m considering a trip to London in December and looking at warm destinations for a spring getaway as winter in Minneapolis can be long. Stay tuned! So far this fall has been glorious and I’m looking forward to a spirited holiday season. Below is a collection of things that are on my radar as well as some posts you might have missed.

xx, Moira

The Friday Collection

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