One Week Out


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It’s one week out from a very big trip and I’m hunched over my computer – multiple shopping windows open trying to reason with myself. This is the time that I always get a little twitchy and start to order new pieces for my upcoming trip paying the hefty fee for the expedited shipping so that it all arrives on time. My thought process is something like this: actually I do need a new dress for this trip… I don’t have just the right bag… Those sandals are really the look I want when I’m in _____. This is what always happens to me. I try to reason with myself and *mostly* fight the urge to fill my various online carts. But, also, I debate myself myself that a new whatever will be used not only for the trip but in everyday life as well and click to purchase.


Why this always seems to take place last minute is no surprise to me. I start thinking about what to pack weeks (sometimes months) in advance. I take my time looking though my closet and browsing online filling up wishlists on various sites. And sometimes I even succeed in ordering pieces a month or two in advance. But when it’s crunch time, I panic and make impulse purchases… and here I am once again.



At the heart of it is the desire to live out the romantic fantasy version of the destination while being grounded in reality.  Finding that balance between the perfect insta outfit and being practical. It is a skill that takes a lot of practice and energy but is very rewarding when it is mastered.



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