The Big Pack

2 Climates, 2 Continents, 3 Weeks.

Packing for the holidays can be a huge pain in the ass. This year it’s an even bigger pain as I’m off to London for a week followed by South Africa for two weeks. It’s a long trip that will be filled with a lot of friends and family visits (my husband is South African). I started organizing my packing this week because I hate overpacking and I hate having the wrong stuff. Check out what to pack for London here.

Here are some tips for holiday packing to help you streamline your packing and prevent overpacking.

  1. You only need one (ok maybe two) pairs of jeans. Going to a cold climate? You’ll probably only want skinny jeans to wear with warm boots. Going to a warm climate? Take your favorite boyfriend jeans and one more pair. Remember to take denim with stretch… it’s the holidays!
  2. Limit your shoes. It’s easy to take too many. I usually do. But I often don’t wear them all and regret bringing so many. I know #thestruggleisreal but really think about what shoes you will wear – yes this requires planning!
  3. Take slim fitting sweaters. Winter clothes are so bulky and take up a lot of precious room in a suitcase. If you can’t part with your oversized boyfriend sweater for the holidays, wear it for your travel day. Otherwise, you will be very clever to bring your slender fitting cashmere and long sleeve tops for layering.
  4. A dress is a complete outfit! So pack one or two and you’ve got the dressier occasions covered. This saves room in your suitcase and, of course, you’ll look lovely.
  5. Take thank you cards. It’s always nice to leave a thank you note with your host – yes, even if the host is your parents. It’s a great way to show your gratitude for all they have done for you during your stay and it takes no room in your suitcase. Write the note and leave it where they are sure to see it after you’ve gone.

Happy Holidays!



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