Thanksgiving Travel – What to wear

During this frazzled time of year, it always seems like everyone needs hugs. Like, extra long bear hugs. All the time. ‘Cause it’s stressful. There’s always too much to do and so little daytime (literally). But the ‘I’m in need of a hug’ status sort of explodes while traveling home for Thanksgiving. It’s like everyone freaks out. Everyone. And let’s be honest, for good reason: long lines, delayed travel, every single kid seems to be screaming and have a runny nose…ugh, and the Starbucks after security always has a line that’s 20 min long.

There is one thing in your control you can do to make the Thanksgiving travel day seem easier: be comfortable (and stylish of course) but also, comfortable. Enter my current obsession with sweatshirts. Not run of the mill sweatshirts (though I do love my hoodies) but sweatshirts with flare, sweatshirts with pizazz. I’m talking about sweatshirts with fringe, ruffles, crochet details, sequins!. It’s like wearing a hug… stylishly. Just add your favorite (read most comfortable) jeans and a pair of booties and you’ll be ready to face the Thanksgiving airport chaos.

Need some options so that you’re comfortable and arrive in style? Look below for inspiration, literal or otherwise. Wave at me in the airport, I’ll be trying to find my inner zen and wearing my hugs favorite sweatshirt.



From top to bottom left to right: Rebecca Minkoff Gracie Cold Shoulder Sweatshirt, Rebecca Minkoff Jennings Sweatshirt, JOA Brown Fringe Back Sweatshirt, Splendid Rose Print Sweatshirt, Joie Agnia Sweatshirt

Wondering what bag to take with you? Read this.



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  1. Ok, LOVE the choices – every single one of them! I just got a floral hoodie from Stitch Fix (:D) and I’m obsessed with it. Great tips Moira! Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! Thanks for joining Fly Away Friday, hope to see you again this week! xo

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