Valentines Day in LA

The normal flow of the dining room was disrupted as there were a lot of extra tables set up. No, it wasn’t for the Vanity Fair Oscar Party – it was for Valentines Day. Which just happened to fall on a Friday this year. The Maitre ‘d scoffed at the reservation list – he knew there wouldn’t be many regulars this evening and, being extraordinarily committed to his job in the rarest way,  he lived for our regulars. Tonight was amateur night – a night for those who had never been to the restaurant. It was going to be a busy, long evening. But that just meant the night would go by quickly for this hostess. 

In fairness to the ‘amateurs,’ I couldn’t think of a more beautiful LA restaurant to have a romantic evening. The design of The Tower Bar is lush and inviting while also feeling intimate. Every evening a live piano and bass duo plays soft music that sets the exact right ambiance. It is a restaurant popular with those in ‘the industry’ so walking in to the lounge immediately feels like you are in the know. Celebrities, high powered agents, and producers collect here every evening. Glance their way but don’t stare and definitely don’t approach – this is where they come to have privacy, to escape the paparazzi, to just have dinner. 

Normally, if you’re dressed in something fancier than denim in LA, you are trying too hard. There are exceptions to this of course, and the Tower Bar is one of them. This is not the restaurant to pitch up in your denim + $150 rocker tee + amazing shoes looking understated and dead cool. This is a place to dress for. Keep it cool and by that I mean wear something you feel amazing in, but leave the jeans at home. Try a dress or a jumpsuit or a pair of silk paperbag pants and an amazing pair of flats (like the Christian Louboutin spiked-strap suede backless loafers).

Reservations are difficult to swing so plan ahead. It’s worth it as the and the food and ambience are consistently good. Plus, you get free hose made chips with your cocktails. I always love that. 

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