How to deal with long flights

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For awhile the majority of flights I was taking were a minimum of 10 hours in the air. I actually don’t mind a longer flight – I settle in, get comfortable (as comfortable as one can) and watch movies, eat my snacks, nap, read a little and voila! I’m at my destination. But it can be hard on your body and skin to take those flights. Here’s how I prepare and what I do while I’m in the air to arrive feeling as good as possible.


  1. Face Mask – I do a face mask a day or two before I travel and take one with me so that I can do a face mask on the first night of wherever I am. My absolute favorite is Eve Lom rescue mask. I have this little travel jar from Muji for traveling with the Eve Lom face mask. I’ve also been getting into the Whamisa masks and they come packaged as a single face sheet so they are super easy to pack.
  2. Midnite. It’s the best sleeping aid I’ve found. It is melatonin with some essential oil blends. I find it very effective and I never wake up groggy or with a sleeping pill hangover.
  3. Drink lots of water. I usually drink 2 liters of water on 10 hour flights. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like a grape that turns into a raisin during a long flight. It’s just so drying, and I struggle with dryness on a good day. So I always bring 2 liters with me on a long flight and will always take a glass when the flights attendants are offering it.
  4. Plan your entertainment. Make sure you’ve got a good book and that you’ve downloaded some shows/movies from Netflix to watch offline. You never know when the entertainment system will stop working or, really, these days it’s not a guarantee that you will have in seat entertainment.
  5. Lay out your packing a couple of days in advance of your flight. This gives me time to rethink what I’m taking and try everything on. Also, it gives me enough time to make sure I have everything sorted like making sure the shampoo is full in the travel bottle. This just makes for a more relaxing travel day.
  6. Compression socks. I run cold so they help with keeping my feet warm on the flight, but also, they really help with circulation and preventing swelling. On a trip from LA to South Africa I arrived with ankles double their normal size. It wasn’t a good look and, to be honest, it’s a little scary. I now always put on compression socks.
  7. A calming oil and hand cream. My hands get dry from all the washing en route and so I always have hand lotion handy. But I also like an oil blend that is calming and makes me feel peaceful… anything to keep the calm. One of my go-to’s is the Bamford  oil blends.
  8. Hydration spray, lotion, lip gloss. Evian hydrating facial spray is an amazing thing. Plus, it’s cheap and they sell it in travel size. It really helps with dryness in the air, but is also a great way to freshen up before landing. I also like avene facial mist, and Mario Badescu rose water spray. On that note, I always have a toothbrush (and toothpastes), and a facial cloth so I can wipe my face, put on lotion maybe a little foundation and lip gloss (always). It just feels better and helps me wake up after a long flight.
  9. An apple. I always have an apple in my bag. Plane breakfast is insanely bad I never eat it because it always makes me feel gross and upsets my stomach. I will usually have some sort of bar with me, but I find an apple easy to travel with and the best thing for my system after a long flight.
  10. Emergen-c Hydration. Yeah, on top of all the water I drink, I also mix one dose of Emergen-C Hydration either before or during my flight. It helps prevent dehydration and gives a little immune boost at the same time. Plus, I like how it tastes ;). 

Try to pamper yourself as much as you can. Travel is stressful and hard so bring things that make your life easier – if it’s chocolate – bring it! If it’s expensive face lotion – bring it! If it’s red wine – drink it! (try to drink in moderation to avoid a massive headache)… you get the idea.


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