Where to Shop: San Francisco

I love exploring destinations through fashion so it only makes sense that I find the need to sniff out the local stores and goods. San Francisco is a city that has some amazing shops that are local and original – something that is increasingly hard to find. It is also a city that is easy to explore because of the manageable size. Warning, those hills are steep and google maps does not warn you – treat yourself and take a lyft so you can save your energy for the beautiful boutiques and neighborhoods.

Last time I chatted with Layne, a super cool San Francisco woman who has always and still does work in the fashion industry. You can read that interview here. But I’ve also done a short re-cap just in case you’re like, I don’t have the time to read two posts today!

Layne: wearing the perfect dress + leather dress combo

Me: Okay. Just to recap, what are the pieces that we need to pack?

Layne: So the pieces to pack: fun sneaker, leather jacket, great bootie, crossbody bag that you can also convert to a clutch with like a fun twist. I’m imagining like Philip Glenn did like the camera strap bag, or something like that.

And then a great day-to-night dress that’s just super effortless that you could wear with the sneakers or the booties.

A sweater, because you never know. Like a chunky, great oversize, like luscious sweater because you never know what’s going to happen. That can still fit under your leather jacket. 

And then denim. What is your favorite denim? Like trend denim is so great right now. Also, Levis are making a comeback. So like a great slim fit jean. That’s kind of ankle length. How cool would that be with sneakers, a sweater, a leather jacket, and your crossbody? That’s like cool chic city look.

Me: Just everything you said is just kind of what I want to live in. It’s just kind of what I want.

Layne: I know.

Me: That’s actually all you need in your closet.

Layne: Yeah, for real. Like seriously, what I’m living in. And it’s funny too, like I’ll buy those fashion pieces but I always go back to the same sweaters. Like I have a Knot Sisters sweater that I’ve had for three years. Every winter I just literally wear it four times a week because it’s the best sweater ever.

“I would really take advantage of the history of music in San Francisco as well as the plethora of vintage stores.”

Me: So shopping: Are there some specialty boutiques or cute places that you go that you go to find things you won’t find outside of San Francisco?

Layne: Oh, my gosh. Polk Street there is a store called ReLove and it’s consignment designer but it’s reasonable-ish. I’ve gotten some Chloe flats there, I’ve gotten some amazing pieces there. The owner, Delilah is very sweet. Her Instagram is amazing as well.

And also Saint Lightening is right next door store too. It’s another great store, especially  if you want vintage Levis.  It’s amazing. Or like really cool patches or pins for your denim jacket. They’re amazing.

Then other boutiques there’s one called Anomie. And that’s on Union Street. That’s near Marina and they just have some really fun things. Like I got my pencil holder there and it’s like a ceramic jar and it has boots painted on it. It’s just fun and funky.

Shoes and Sunnies at Anomie


They also have some really great shoe brands.  It’s a lot of like elevated basics. Like if you want amazing light tee, like go there. 

Also great jewelry. I’ve gotten some little tiny sets there. I have like an ampersand and an “E” for my daughter that I’ve gotten there. That’s like all high quality but still like I’m never going to take this off because I’m going to wear them this whole day. So it’s worth the price. 

And then Therapy is really fun. It’s on Valencia street. Valencia and 16th. It’s fun. It’s definitely a bit more like disposable situation but fun funky things, like some great trends on glasses. Stuff like that.

Me: If you were visiting San Francisco and you were just going to buy one thing on your trip, one souvenir, what do you think it would be?

Layne: One thing?

Me: I know… 

Layne: You know what? I would really take advantage of the history of music in San Francisco as well as the plethora of vintage stores. Like find a really great vintage band tee or like a buttery soft vintage t-shirt. That would be my mission.

And literally I could go on and on for the list of vintage stores. There’s so many and you will pass one all the time. So with a little bit of digging and commitment, you would find one.

Me: I had no idea. That’s a great thing to come back with.

Layne: Like that buttery soft tee or something. I don’t know. Some funky tee. I mean, at Painted Bird, probably about 10 years ago, I found a vintage Beatles t-shirt for a concert that they did in Israel so it was in Hebrew.

Me: That’s dead cool. 

Layne: Mind-blowing. Like molding my body. I cut off the sleeves and like… I went through this phase when I was living in the city where I was bored with all my clothes so I just cut everything off. Like cropped the sleeves off, the bottom of my pants. Like denim jacket, took the sleeves off. So it was a really bad phase. That was one of the casualties but it’s still cool. 

Me: That’s hysterical. Layne, that’s all I have, thank you so much!

Layne: You’re welcome.


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