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Last time I chatted with Tamara, she went over what to pack for London. Read more of our conversation below where Tamara shares where she shops, what she loves to do in London, and how to buy pieces you will actually wear.

Me:  So what you would say is your go-to outfit?  Like trainers, trousers…?

Tamara Rothstein:  Yeah, I think so.  I’m really into… it’s funny.  In Portobello Market at the moment, there are these vintage cycling tops I’m really into.

Me:  Really cool.

Tamara Rothstein:  Yeah.  So it’s always like a little bit of vintage for me.  But it will be, this for me like this cycling top is street style.  It’s sportswear street style.  But I think you might say that to like the Italian cyclist who was wearing it.  They would be like, “No, it’s really professional wear.”  But I kind of love them, the wool and these stripes.  It just feels kind of retro but modern.

Me:  Yeah, it does.  And original.

Tamara Rothstein:  Like this for me could be Jil Sander if it was all taken away.

Me:  Is that your favorite designer?

Tamara Rothstein:  I think when I was younger growing up, it was.  I just really liked the way that it was these modern classics and the inserts of color.  And it was always smart but quite boyish, and I guess my style is quite boyish.

I just think sometimes you buy something and it doesn’t fit in with your lifestyle.  Like peach suede trousers.  You’re now, “How am I going to get about in these?”

Me:  What are some favorite pieces or outfits that you see women wearing in London right now?

Tamara Rothstein:  Right now, I don’t know really… I mean, I think it’s just I really like good leather.  So like just coming out of winter.  Good leather is always like my… it’s like good leather trousers, good leather waistcoats, jackets.  I just really enjoy, I think especially in the winter for me.  It keeps me so warm.  I don’t have to worry.

Me:  It’s a compact and chic way to accomplish what you need to accomplish in the weather.

Tamara Rothstein:  Yeah.  And you feel smarter than wearing a jean.  It’s more hardy.

Me:  And what are some of your least favorite things that you see women wearing?  Like what just drives you bananas?

Tamara Rothstein:  Well, let me think, because there are definitely some things that drive me bananas.  I think when you see women clearly wearing something off a catwalk which isn’t their style.  It’s wearing them rather than they’re wearing it.  I find it sad, in a way.

I find it really difficult when I see women wearing a full-on look or outfit because I just find it very unrealistic.

Me:  How do you think in the fitting room?  Because when I go shopping, I’m sort of realizing that I shop with a fantasy in mind.  So I’d be like, oh, I’m going to Italy next month, I really want something like floaty dresses and whatever.  And I couldn’t tell you what my style is at the core except that it has to be comfortable and casual.

Tamara Rothstein:  No, no, no.  I know the feeling.

Me:  Like what do you think is a good way to kind of think through the process of does this suit me?

Tamara Rothstein:  I think for me, I rarely buy like two pieces together.  So I rarely buy an outfit.  For me it’s more buying separate, something that will go with my other separates.  So if I have like an old shirt and a new trouser, I know it will work back to that shirt so it will work back to me.  Because I think my biggest mistake is when I bought in, somehow I bought a whole outfit and I’m like who am I?  Who is this? Where if you wear it with something you’ve worn, it’s part of you.  Is just makes everything… it’s just you know it unites it so much better.

Me:  You can wear it a lot easier too so then you don’t have a lot of pieces in your closet that you aren’t wearing.

Tamara Rothstein:  Yeah.  I think that’s it.  Yeah.  I find it really difficult when I see women wearing a full-on look or outfit because I just find it very unrealistic.  I mean, there are some women who that is their thing.

Me:  Like Victoria Beckham.

Tamara Rothstein:  Yeah.  Or even like who else are real style icons?  You know they like get dressed up and their style is everything.  You know…

Me:  Like Amal Clooney

Tamara Rothstein:  Yeah, you know?

Me:  And those women are sort of unattainable women as well.  Their lifestyle, everything just seems sort of unrealistic in any way.

Tamara Rothstein:  Yeah, exactly.  I just think sometimes you buy something and it doesn’t fit in with your lifestyle.  Like peach suede trousers.  You’re now, “How am I going to get about in these?”

Me:  How am I going to pull this off?

Tamara Rothstein:  Yeah.

Me:  That’s a great example.  Although it sounds really nice.  I kind of want some peach suede trousers.

Tamara Rothstein:  Yeah.  Peach suede trousers would be great.

Me: What are your favorite places to shop?

Tamara Rothstein:  Well, I think for me it’s a store called Alex Eagle.  It’s lifestyle so they have clothing, glasses, books.  It has a really good selection of vintage books, photography books and venetian glass.  Then kind of sorts of furniture.  It’s just a complete mix.

I think the new Dover Street Market is worth visiting in London.  And then like Portobello.  I just love Portobello on a Friday morning.

Me:  Me too. And what are your favorite places for coffee or a snack when you’re out and about?

Tamara Rothstein:  In the center of London, for Zone 1, I’m trying to think.  I really like Ducksoup which is in Soho.  I like the fact that you just run in there and get something very quick and easy.

Where else is good for me?  Right now, I think The Store Kitchen is really good in Soho.  They just closed one but they’re opening one in 2 weeks.  It’s just like not refined sugar.  It’s quick, it’s easy.  I quite like going to Noodle Soup in Soho as well.

Me:  What would your perfect day in London be?

Tamara Rothstein:  Oh, my perfect day is Saturday and it’s visiting a gallery day.  So kind of going to, walking down Sadie Coles.  Walking down to Miro gallery and down to the ICA. Going for a run in the morning.  Doing a little bit of exercise in one of the parks is always like the highlight.

Then when I’m out with my little girl, I love going to the cinema.  A big treat for me.  Cinema and a glass of wine.



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