Souvenir Sunday – India


I went to India on a group yoga and volunteer trip two years ago (read about it here). It was both challenging and rewarding. I had to purchase a duffle bag in India in order to fit all the goodies I bought while there (!). I know, a little ridiculous. I struggled with curating and paring down my gift and souvenir purchasing while there. More on that later. Oh well. #NoRegrets.


Before my trip I had no idea that one of the many artisanal products lovingly hand made in India is paper. Guys? I love stationary stores and giving me a tour of a beautiful paper factory and then the gift store was just like giving candy to a baby or wine to a lush or, well, you get it.

I tried my best. I really did. And I think I did a good job of not purchasing everything on offer. I came back with two pencil/pen holders – which I fully intended to give as gifts, but didn’t… And a box… full of smaller boxes. I also love boxes (weird, I know). I just had to purchase this and for awhile it was sort of on display on my bookshelf… but now, it’s in a drawer.



The paper factory was in an outside neighborhood of Jaipur – and employs only women! The tour was really wonderful and the photos alone would have been enough of a souvenir. But, I mean, we all have to do our part to support the workers!!!



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