Souvenir Sunday – Amsterdam

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Amsterdam exceeded my expectations. I thought the city itself was beautiful and the food was good. No really, it was. The museums, the canals, the tulips… the only thing I struggled with was the shopping. For sure – the 9 Straaits (9 streets) are the place for a shopper to wander – but at first I was underwhelmed by the shops. It seemed to be a lot of things that I could get anywhere, and I’m tired of that. Most of the shops are cute and fun to browse, but I was struggling to find something distinctive about them.

Then I found Atelier Amstrdm. On the corner of Herengracht and Huidenstraat (Herengracht 360) – a small and gorgeous shop sits. The owner and designer was in the day we looked around. He designs everything himself and has all the bags, shoes and limited clothes made in Thailand. I spent a long time trying to decide what to buy and landed on a headband and clutch bag. This is a special shop.

The other shops that I liked in Amsterdam are:

Linhard (Vanbaerlestraat 50, 1071 AZ Amsterdam)

Kabana Resort Wear (inside The Conservatorium Hotel)

Ou. (Reestraat 16)

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