What I always wear to the airport

The airport outfit used to be problematic for me. I always want to look good. The trick is also being comfortable and warm, I always find airports and airplanes to be a little too cold for me. For the past three years the overwhelming majority of flights I’ve taken have been about 10 hours in duration, sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more, but usually 10 hours. As a result I have honed in on what to wear to travel to be stylish, warm and comfortable.

I make only slight adjustments to my go to look for the climate of the landing location. Here are my rules for airport outfits:

  1. Never wear sandals (the exception to this rule is hot to hot climate travel paired with a short flight).
  2. Always, always wear layers.
  3. Always, always have a scarf with you. Yes, even for those hot climate to hot climate flights.
  4. Keep a Uni Qlo puffer in your carry on. I can’t tell you how many times I didn’t think I would need it and ended up wishing for it. Learn from my mistakes.
  5. Don’t wear anything that’s not yet been worn a couple of times. Even t-shirts, you never know if there will be a tag that bothers you that you didn’t notice in the changing room.


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Here is my go to airport outfit:

Lululemon Pants.jpg
Lululemon Jet Crop Slim

These pants are comfortable, flattering and look good. They look great with sneakers or sandals, I’m a fan.

Splendid tencel short sleeve v-neck

This t-shirt is very soft and washes well. It’s slim fitting but not too tight and also not too loose, just right if you will.


Aqua cashmere open cardigan

Full disclosure – this is not the actual cardigan that I wear. I got mine at Harvey Nichols in London and it’s by a brand called Duffy. It’s lovely but I can’t find it online for you – this is almost identical and serves the same purpose. This particular line (Aqua) does a variety of this silhouette, which is quite nice.

White+Warren cashmere travel wrap

This is a can’t-live-without piece. Yes, it’s spend-y, but it’s not a purchase you will regret. It’s a scarf, it’s a blanket, it’s a wrap, it’s your best friend. I have been traveling (and wearing) this piece for at least a year and I have no complaints. It doesn’t even pill!!! I’m planning on getting another one.

Xirena gisele bra

I have basically thrown out all my other bras and only wear this brand at the moment. It is comfortable and stays in place. Plus they are damn sexy… no brainer.

Adidas Superstar Sneakers

I love these sneakers. They are so comfortable and cool. I can slip them on and off without untying them – so easy.




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