Style Pack Go: Amsterdam

I went to Amsterdam for a long weekend in early April. It. Was. Cold. Chill to your bone cold -  damp and rainy. So I was constantly wrapped up. The rain did get a little annoying, but I sometimes prefer touring a city when it’s colder and the cold suits Amsterdam. Here’s what I packed:... Continue Reading →

Souvenir Sunday – Amsterdam

Amsterdam exceeded my expectations. I thought the city itself was beautiful and the food was good. No really, it was. The museums, the canals, the tulips… the only thing I struggled with was the shopping. For sure - the 9 Straaits (9 streets) are the place for a shopper to wander - but at first... Continue Reading →

Souvenir Shopping Strategy

      Getting the right souvenir for your trip can be a tricky thing and the constant barrage of souvenir stands and ‘speciality goods’ does not help. There are a couple of different ways to approach the souvenir purchase - because, let’s face it, as much as people say memories are the best souvenirs,... Continue Reading →

What I always wear to the airport

The airport outfit used to be problematic for me. I always want to look good. The trick is also being comfortable and warm, I always find airports and airplanes to be a little too cold for me. For the past three years the overwhelming majority of flights I’ve taken have been about 10 hours in duration,... Continue Reading →

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